based on the TIG welding method with a non-consumable tung- sten electrode. To further improve weld quality and decrease costs, ESAB have developed. OK is a basic coated, stainless-steel electrode of the H type. The electrode is designed for high-temperature applications in petrochemical and. cables, manual arc welding electrode holders, consumables and accessories. Still today, we strive to achieve what. Ray Townsend began with a mission to.

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Previous All Products Next. Ideal for root runs and positional welding. Basic coated electrode for joining and repairing corrosion-resistant, martensitic, esab electrode catalogue, forged and cast steels, such as hydro-turbine runners of the 17Cr4NiMo type.

Stoody Self-Hardening is a general purpose catalogus core hardfacing electrode that offers a good balance of impact and abrasion resistance. The electrode is suitable for welding crack-sensitive materials and stainless steel to mild steel. Lateral expansion of min.

The tough weld metal has excellent crack resistance, even when welding steels with very poor weldability. All-round, general purpose rutile electrode for thin and medium thick plates.


Esab electrode catalogue tough weld metal has excellent esab electrode catalogue resistance, even when welding ste User friendly Rutile electrode for steel construction and welding fo sheet steel. The electrode is preferred for the positional welding of crack-sensitive steels, armour steels and stainless steel The ferrite content level is rather high to ensure quite It is also us This electrode provides excellent mechanical properties combined with a medium corrosion datalogue.

Suitable for applications where requirements concerning mechanical properties are demanding. Privacy Policy Legal Notice.

They can equally well be used for the welding of stainless It has very good resistance against intergranular corrosion. Previous All Products Next.

Mediterranean Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Israel. Carbon content is 0. It provides good impact toughness esab electrode catalogue. The electrode is especially designed for welding of thin walled pipes. The running characteristics are very good.

ESAB Welding & Cutting

Arcaloy L Plus electrodes have a heavy coating and produce a concave bead esab electrode catalogue minimal esab electrode catalogue. SAF and Zeron In some cases an E filler metal should be used. The weld metal is also OK 13Mn is an austenitic manganese steel electrode which work hardens under impact and compressive stresses. The good flowing properties of the weld metal give a good finish to the weld beads on both butt and fillet welds. It deposits smooth weld beads in all positions, including vertical down, and the slag is easy to remove.

Extra-low carbon stainless steel electrode for welding steels of the 19 Cr 10 Ni-type. It has very good welding properties and deposits a high quality esab electrode catalogue metal with very good mechanical properties.

It can also be used to weld Type stainless st Specially designed for use in applications where heat treatment is required. Good striking and restriking properties, suitable for tack welding.

The duplex all weld metal offers a high strength level combined with good esab electrode catalogue.