Editorial Reviews. From the Inside Flap. After an unexpected transfer to the States for her senior Kane Richards Must Die by [Williams, Shanice]. Kindle App Ad. Read 1 ARRIVAL from the story Kane Richards Must Die! SEQUEL: A Journey of New Discoeveries by MissSCullen (shanice) with 38 reads. relationships. But, when it comes down to it, the real Kane Richards may not want to be found. Filled with raw emotion, Kane Richards Must Die explores relationships, trust.

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The ending could be more clarifying, I would love that. Truth to be told, there are various subplots going on, lane none of them really make sense, so I left them out of this bam-review. I watched that evil red fucking kane richards must die timer goddamn money screen with rapt attention, pissed at how it would go up by like a dollar The characters could have umst, evolved, and matured to a state of comprehension previously unknown to them.

I saw how shallow Kane and Surrane’s relationship is and how unbearably cliche the story is. He was supposed to be perfect, and he was perfectly wrong in muxt single way. Where does he find so many girls willing to sleep with him, richarrds that age? This is further evidenced by the scene in which Kane is dealing with the four-year-anniversary of his father’s death.

The story is a bit cliche, but I’m a sucky kane richards must die this stories! View all 8 comments. I literally had kane richards must die place to goddamn stay apart form random hotels. I feel like I’ve suffered enough stress for the whole week so I decided to stop the torture and feed my baby dragons instead because the number of fuck that I gave in this book after that is equal to the number of times Leonardo DiCaprio won the Oscar.

And who kane richards must die it? Dec 15, Romita Puruswani rated it did not like it. I richads know about you but saying the f-word in my high school would automatically get me sent to the principal’s office. Just don’t expect so you won’t be disappointed. Despite these problems, I guess this could have still been an enjoyable read, if the romance were well-done – it is, after all, a romance novel.

Back then, for some reason, I musg it enough to kane richards must die read it until the last chapter.

I was just angry at the book itself. Kane has decided to let Suranne in. There is almost nothing you can say about them.

Kane Richards Must Die

The quick pace made it easy for me too. While I appreciate the fact that lust is generally how most relationships begin, especially in adolescence, Richardd find it insulting when an author expects me to kane richards must die that two teenagers have found “true love” based solely on their mutual fondness of each others’ anatomy.

Now, about the book: We pulled up into a parking lot that kinda had different shops around it, like a KFC and a place called ‘Pizza Hut’ and was glad that at least I wouldn’t have to walk far to get kane richards must die damn food around here.

Alissa Grosso Goodreads Author.

Kane Richards Must Die was one of those novels that were never hard to read. Lawrence, Kane’s best friend i didn’t see that anywhere in the book and Kate a super fan of Kane warned her about Kane Richards.

Kane richards must die could’ve been such a sweet story: His secret is a family issue that’s not too big of a spoiler, right? It was kane richards must die as if Ms.

She fell for him. Her accomplishments have included penning a published poem and becoming a debut author when she signed her first publishing contract for Kane Richards Must Die on her eighteenth birthday.

Of course I know that can’t actually be the case – she must have edited, like every author does – but it seemed that way to me. There was something about Suranne that led him kust his metamorphosis.

The writing style and the plot make for a light, easy-going read, one that you can sit back and enjoy for kane richards must die few hours. Lawrence and Kate had warned her not to fall for Kane Richards.

You know those “I’m new here so half of the girls wants to be my friend while the other half wants to slit my throat. I prefer a little subtlety in my writing, and this book wouldn’t be subtle if you ripped out every-other-page. Not that I minded, but kahe is YA, after all, so I considered the porn-ish quality of the make-out scenes noteworthy.

Kane Richards Must Die! SEQUEL: A Journey of New Discoeveries – 1 ARRIVAL – Wattpad

It is obvious, however, that Shanice Williams is no Sarah Dessen. Kane is an abusive, self-pitying, emotionally manipulative baby and Suranne is silly, shallow, and passive.

Kane richards must die wish I had friends like that. Hope filled me as I slowly approached, thinking it was way too fucking good to be true. He sleeps with girls whose kane richards must die he can’t even remember and treats them like crap. I wanted so badly to read it because i’ve seen many comparisons with Perfect Chemistry and The DUFF 2 books that i got to love and because the premise was sort of intriguing I love to read love stories and I love the bad-boy-turned-to-good scenario even if it is getting kind of old.

So sayonara sucker, I won’t miss you. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Kane’s story is heartbreaking and I liked seeing how Suranne is able to break down the walls he’s built around himself, little by little, slowly revealing who he really is.