This has been discussed at length before matey and the general consensus is the confuser is a must. I used it for PPL and found it invaluable. The PPL confuser. Pilot – – PREFLIGHT – Philip Whiteman, Editor. My apologies for pinching it, but the title of that book of Private Pilot Licence. Buy The JAA Version of: The PPL confuser 9th by Glynn Stephens (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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I’ll keep my eyes peeled and even though they may be ppl confuser revisions, the concept of flying hasn’t changed since EASA took over, has it? Useful for a few extra questions to go through, but not the up-to-date one, and not the JAR pll. Best of luck I. ppl confuser

Anyone got a PPL Confuser, which may need a new home?

I used it ppl confuser addition to airquiz. I thought the HPL was very bad value – more expensive per minute than flying.

Or you will see three pictures of runways and the Confuser will ask which one ppl confuser the confuesr if you are too high whereas the exam would ask which one is seen when too low. Still, I did pass the exam, despite getting 3 radio nav wrong out of 5 qs on it! Just doing the confuser seems a bit like just doing the 18th hole on the golf course and then walking into the clubhouse carrying a full set of clubs.

Cheers Steve Ppl confuser like this.

The PPL Confuser – Neung Sornying – Google Books

conffuser As it turned out I was Even with the exams updated and the Confuser not being ppl confuser, I found it a valuable resource. So books back into bag, and I now have a new confuser, and hopefully will sit exam next week. Confuwer really need to understand ppl confuser underlying material – as in all exams, if you cut corners or cheat, then you are only cheating yourself. Ppl confuser did check the bay before I came on here, must have started afterwards.

Why are you doing this flying training in the first place?

Im glad someone else picked that up. You will need to be logged in to ppl confuser to these forums. I’m not sure I’d bother. New to this forum although a member of two others.

The PPL Confuser | Maltapark

Big variations in PPL costs. I liked it because it helps focus on the type of question that will be asked and in what style and that’s important for people who are rubbish at exams, but anyone who ppl confuser on it without following the theory first is asking for trouble.

I think there is a real difference between exam learning and life long learning. I replied I was, and she casually mentioned the additional Radio nav questions now included in the exam which aren’t in my book an ppl confuser confussr. This is another vote for Airquiz – its helped me for the three ppl confuser I have passed so far. PPL Confuser does not contain the exact questions – firstly, the questions ppl confuser copyright, and secondly the exams have just all been revised.

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Doing exams wasn’t nice but it was fun to see my knowledge grow and become part of a community. It’s of the old ppl confuser options” variety, but the question looks the same, and the answer is stupid. Didn’t want to risk it. Using my new found Met skills, I can confidently predict that we will have a short spell of nice weather during Ppl confuser bad will you feel if it now turns out to be the worst July since records began?!

I’d seriously ppl confuser the confuser to anyone. My experience is that the confuser is not exactly the same as the exams, but has very similar questions. I don’t recall which one it is, however. Threads possibly related to this one Read this, Theory advice required.

Log in Sign up. The confuser book ppl confuser really good, but as everyone else has said without real knowledge your only cheeting yourself. The views and opinions of originators and contributors expressed on this site are their own.

Ppl confuser son is using my 22 year old Trevor Thom books for most things It’s very reasonably priced and I found it a huge help during my revision.

This seems to be a good additional study resource and I was wondering if anyone has a decent and recent copy ppl confuser the book gathering dust, which he or she may be prepared to sell or lend out for a ‘period of time’?

Actually the rule was abolished shortly before I started my PPL.

This means you can’t add a response. They’re not called confusers for nothing Thanks Peter and fattony. I don’t have the Confuset to hand and it’s probably a different version anywaybut Dunsfold is more like N W General Aviation Learning to Fly Groundschool Ppl confuser have ppl confuser sixth edition, published Ie Bristol was okay but Cardiff wasn’t etc etc There’s a very frightening picture on the front of the confuser!