Reading Like a Writer has ratings and reviews. Laura said: According to Francine Prose, creative writing cannot, in fact, be taught, but woul. 26 May Louise Doughty enjoys Francine Prose’s clarion call to all writers who purport to take their work seriously. I. Francine Prose confesses—and professes—a fundamental truth of writing on page two of her recent book on writing, Reading Like A Writer: Like most.

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Reading Like A Writer by Francine Prose | Quarterly Conversation

That sounds harsher than I mean it. Put a slightly nicer way, she’s not the kind of person I would ever want to talk about books with. I was eagerly awaiting the paperback edition to read this, it sounded so interesting. How reading like a writer francine prose, there is a limit.

Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. It was all I reading like a writer francine prose do not to put this book down at every page and run to the bookstore to scoop up and devour to classics that she brings to life through example, examination and pure joyful love of the I’ve never read Francine Prose’s fiction. The tools that shone most brightly perhaps reveal more of me as a reader and writer than of Prose as the author.

Nonetheless, she occasionally appears to be giving writers credit just for being famous: Using examples from the works of Heinrich von Kleist and Jane AustenProse discusses how writers can develop characterization. Above all, Prose’s forthright, waspish and often very funny book is a plea to all writers for vigour and clarity, one which encourages them to tend to the details of technique, and the mastery of language, as closely as they tend to their own ambition.

Her section on gesture is particularly good; it’s easily as illuminating and Stephen King’s hatred of adverbs. From the Heart romance readers. About how to determine the stories that make you sing and then figure out what notes they hit that make you feel things? There is a degree of condescention and snobbery in her tone.

First person and third person are discussed, and even an example of writing fiction in second person is given. What they do is offer ten to reading like a writer francine prose minutes of lecture then reading like a writer francine prose around from desk to desk answering individual questions. View all 7 comments.

For this reason, my favorite chapter was the one on Chekhov. Some people get all the luck. Meaning, books should be Important and Literary This was another one of my forays into resding about writing written by writers,” some of which have been quite interesting, a few of which have been useful, but often they turn out to be tedious.

Sep 27, Shannon Giraffe Days rated it it was amazing Shelves: We sat down at the cafeteria and she started telling me about how her dad was divorcing her mom, and how she herself had been pregnant the month before porse had an abortion without telling anyone.

King and Carol Oates gave us a confidence that Prose pretty much drowns in academia’s gastric juices. Her selections are franfine, and it is wonderful to see how much complexity can flow from the smallest thing. First, let me get this out of the way: In particular, I enjoyed the chapter on Chekhov, which I think should be required reading for anyone who wants to write, particularly as a defense for those headed into fiction workshops.

Occasionally the quotes become unnecessarily long and in one particular instance she freely admits, indulgent. I just dug the sections on words, sentences and paragraphs; these francije what reading like a writer francine prose me on the most when I read brilliant writing.

I probably should’ve kept the harlequin romance, jesus christ. Sayers The Song of Roland. So Prose who does have the perfect name for an author, doesn’t she?

I loved the novel Household Saints and the movie. This book has actually made me b I’m usually not too keen on books that are readiing for writers, but this one is really good. I’m usually not too keen on books that are allegedly for writers, but this one is really good.

Reading Like a Writer by Francine Prose – review

Still love this user-friendly close-reading instructional, despite its sometimes tendency to verge over into a starry-eyed gee-Mr. Leia mais Leia menos. Tell us more about what you like to read so we can send you the best offers and opportunities. First, it was King and his wackiness only 2 drafts francien novel?

The book follows a systematic format almost without fail. That said, serious readers will learn an important lesson: Prose does more to reading like a writer francine prose how character, tone, what-have-you is built up in a piece of writing by doing blow-by-blow analysis of some of her favorite novels and stories.

It’s usually a solitary activity and an almost entirely subjective one.