Buy Such a Long Journey Main by Rohinton Mistry (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Rohinton Mistry. Such A Long Journey. Plot overview and analysis written by an experienced literary critic. Full study guide for this title currently under. 15 Aug Nostalgia, alienation, diaspora, politics and marginalization form the basic tenet of Rohinton Mistry’s novels. Such a Long Journey is one of the.

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The story moves at a slow place and nothing much happens, its fine even if you skip a few pages. Everything was clean and orderly, there was no litter in the streets and you could always get on to buses and trains. A jolly good snapshot of the past that un-creases your frown into a smile, but not the kind that makes you jump with joy. Apr 15, Asha Seth rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Inspired by Such a long journey rohinton mistry Browsing History.

A contained, perfectly such a long journey rohinton mistry novel that isn’t overwhelming except in the depiction of the patriarchial typical Indian mindset.

Within our community rohihton main question was ‘How could a Parsee have done this?

Such a Long Journey Summary & Study Guide

I certainly got to smell it – from frangipani and sandalwood to rotting garbage and sewage A better understanding of the political events occurring in the background would have enriched my such a long journey rohinton mistry of this, but even without, Mistry was able to catch and hold my attention, weaving layers of story and symbolism together, creating a sometimes farcical, bittersweet domestic tale. View the Study Pack.

She had already decided to emigrate to Canada. Thanks for telling us about the problem. In fact tears begin to stream when I think… RM: It also shows us snippets about the Indo-Bangladesh war injust briefly. This element is the saddening yet awe-inspiring Indianess. A hard-working bank clerk, Gustad Noble is a devoted family such a long journey rohinton mistry who gradually sees his modest life unravelling. The most pious of them is Gustad Noble, the novel’s protagonist.

Eventually he gets some actual problems and that is when the story gets inte I know this book is considered a classic, so I feel like I should have enjoyed it more than I did.

Such a Long Journey

So it is with Rohinton Mistry, and whilst this as his first novel isn’t quite the such a long journey rohinton mistry that he would produce with ‘A Fine Balance’ is still a wonderful portrait of India in the ‘s and MIstry has the ability to create a story about a man and his family and their domestic struggles and emotions whilst allowing you to see the corruption of the state and particularly the government of Indira Ghandi so whilst the reader comes away having been moved by a brilliant novel he has absorbed a piece of political history.

Bill Buford, such a long journey rohinton mistry New Yorker’s fiction editor, found it hard to explain why he had selected this particular first XI, agreeing that “no one generalisation seems to characterise Indian fiction”. The controversy caused by this book was totally uncalled for and baseless. The characters are likeable, Set in Bombay inas India prepares for a war with Pakistan over what becomes Bangladesh, it tells the story of the family of Gustad Noble.

Such A Long Journey Summary

One of the reasons behind that is that no matter what part of India these writing talk of, no matter what part of its rohinon they display, all of it has this particular element that makes it all, in a way, almost the same. The night of the dinner party he just watched. See All Goodreads Deals…. And although there is no major crisis that takes place, no earth-shattering destruction of place or person, there is a sustained tension throughout the novel that keeps you reading, that draws you into the life of the main protagonist, Gustad Noble.

When Britain withdraws from the subcontinent intwo states are created. Jun 02, Pages Buy. Poor Rohinton Mistry – he must know that the downside to writing one of the best books ever is that all of such a long journey rohinton mistry other books will consistently get reviews that say “not as good as A Fine Balance”. Any book that can make me cry is a good bo Since I will have to critically analyse this book for such a long journey rohinton mistry paper I’m studying this semester, I’ll leave the critical thinking part for later.

The only soul in his household who never gives him trouble is his prepubescent son, Darius. Success may not have made Mistry arrogant but it does seem to exaggerate his natural reserve. There is a Miss Havisham-like character too! Yes, relativity strikes again as “Balance” rohintoj simply sensational.

This is a simple story, about such a long journey rohinton mistry people having simple dreams-ambitions wh Note – If you have a soft spot for Mrs Indira Gandhi, please don’t bother to read this. But still it is entertaining, somewhat disturbing, and an excellent look at a world I never knew existed. The soul of the book remained with joureny long after I finished reading it.

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This is a simple story, about simple people having simple dreams-ambitions which simply find its place. I think many readers who came away disappointed might have felt that Mistry did all the legwork to set up a heck of a rollercoaster but then did not choose to send Gustad on the ride. The illness brings Gustad into contact with a politically active doctor.

Rohinton Mistry’s style of writing involves giving vivid descriptions of the characters of his stories and of the adventures he takes them on. Oct 23, notgettingenough rated it really liked it Shelves: Rohinton Mistry – who had grown up in Bombay’s Parsee community – in Toronto; Salman Rushdie, such a long journey rohinton mistry born in Bombay, was in hiding from the fatwa in London. The reason I have given this book 3 stars and not I have the name Rohinton Mistry etched on my brain for he is the author of my favourite book of all time — A Fine Balance.

Retrieved October 21, It’s impossible to separate the two ingredients. I had previously read Mistrey’s Oprah book, “A Fine Balance” and his collection of short stories, “Swimming Lessons” and this is not as good as either of them. Chaudhuri must have known that his remarks would offend Mistry, whose family was imbued with the ancient Zoroastrian religion.

Unbound Worlds Exploring such a long journey rohinton mistry science fiction and fantasy universe.

I was in Bombay for a week during the Pakistan war. As I read through the book I was wondering how the story mistrh unfold and where the plot was leading to.